About this website

This Bradford CVS website has been built using Drupal - the Free and Open Source Content Management System. The idea is that it will act as a repository and directory of information and news of relevance to the Voluntary and Community Sector of Bradford District. To achieve this the content of the website is searchable in several ways.

As with anything both new and complex there are almost bound to be problems with this website. There are also almost certainly aspects of this website that could work better. We want to know if you have any problems or suggestions about the website, its content and how it works so we can make it better. Please use the form below to contact the Webmaster.

Known Current Issues:

  • Accessibility: the site has not yet been fully checked to make sure it is as accessible as it can be to as many users as possible. This is a priority for further development
  • Mobile and tablet display: the site has not been tweaked to make sure it display nicely and works properly on devices with smaller screens such as phones and tablets. We'll be working on this shortly.
  • Some content from old site is missing: we will be adding new content to the site and making sure it has a wealth of material on it. If you're missing anything in particular please let us know!
  • Search returns too many results: the search engine on the site is currently set up so that it returns too many rather than too few search results. Tweaking this to give a better match is a priority.
  • PagePeeker thumbnails don't appear: images of websites on this site are generated by PagePeeker. Sometimes these images don't appear until a page is revisited or refreshed.
  • Some expandable areas don't work on Firefox until refresh: some of the 'Categories' and 'Information' areas which should expand when clicked aren't styled correctly and don't expand when first loaded in Firefox. Revisiting or refreshing the page makes these work correctly.

Possible plans for the future:

  • Comment on and rate resources
  • Comment on news items
  • Blogs from Bradford CVS staff members
  • Log in to the site and personalise it - we're not sure what we'll do for this: lists of favourite resources, members only content, live chat?

If you have any other suggestions we'd be happy to hear them.

Thank you,

Bradford CVS Webmaster