Cookies and privacy

Privacy Statement:  How we use Cookies

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. These are used on this website for some minor purposes:

  • To track when a user is logged in
  • To see which pages are visited and when and to record information like which browser and operating system is being used and the rough geographical location of the visitor (to a town, county or country level)
  • We DO NOT use cookies to track or record personal information
  • We also set a cookie to record the fact that you are happy to accept cookies!

Why are we telling you this?

Cookies have been around on the internet for a long time and you'll no doubt have had hundreds of cookies stored on your computer: adverts, on line shopping, forms that you fill in and many other on line activities usually use cookies because they are the easiest way of recording 'state' information on the internet. Some people however have had concerns about cookies, particularly about the 'tracking' cookies used by advertisers and others to build up a picture of individuals and how they browse. Such information always has the potential for abuse.

The EU decided to act on these concerns and since 2012 it has been a requirement of websites in the EU to notify visitors that cookies are being used. As with many such laws it is a sledge hammer to crack a nut - the concerns about 'tracking cookies' are justified but most sites, this one included, do not use cookies in this way and there are no privacy issues with the kinds of cookies this site sets.

More about cookies can be found at the following:

For those interested in their privacy on line I suggest using Do Not Track to minimise the amount of information that you are sharing: