Briefing Bradford

Briefing Bradford has been produced in one form or another since 1980. For a long time it was a print newsletter distributed by good old-fashioned post to hundreds of Voluntary and Community Sector groups across Bradford District. The pressures of restricted finance has meant that it is now a web-based only publication. But this has not held BB (as it is often known) back. indeed Briefing Bradford is being read by more people and more widely than ever before.

We pride ourselves on the spread and depth of articles that Briefing Bradford contains. It is not just a source of short news articles or items about the latest available funding, although of course it also provides those, it is an opinion and explanation magazine. Briefing Bradford is a well respected publication that often attracts positive comments from its readership. If you have ideas for articles or content then your suggestions are always welcome please contact the editor Paul Colley

The Briefing Bradford Archive contains over two years of Voluntary Sector news, information and opinion.