Information Service

Information that is accurate, up-to-date and relevant is vital to running a successful Voluntary and Community Sector organisation. Here at Bradford CVS we hope to help you get that information.

In this age of information overload we can't possibly hope to directly provide you with everything you might ever need to know about every subject you might need to know about, but we do hope to be able to direct you to an appropriate place that does have the information you need, and provide a point of entry into the often overwhelming mass of material out there.

Of course we do have a lot of useful stuff here on the Bradford CVS website and both our own material and links to other sources of information can be found in our Resource Directory. The information service also provides this very website and produces the Briefing Bradford newsletter. We are also the people you'll get passed to if you call Bradford CVS with a query that none of more specialist teams are able to deal with. We don't know everything but we do try to know how to find out everything!